Top 5 Laptops In 2016

When it comes to picking the best laptop in 2016 there are many thing to consider before dropping the coin on just anything.

What you will be using it for?

What is your budget?

What size of disk space do you need?

…and on and on…

Here is our pick from the best value for the above question and more!

Our Top 5 Best Computers

  1. Macbook Pro with Retina display- 13″ or 15″

Apple_Macbook_ProStarting out at @1299 this thin high performance machine will solve all of your computing needs. If you are just using it to surf the net or spend a few hours per week gaming this beautiful Mac will blow your mind! If you have never had a mac there is a little bit of a learning curve but they are really simple to use. If you run into something that your not sure how to do just look it up online and I’m sure there will be multiple videos solving your problem.

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